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How can my child get involved in tennis?

The best place to start playing tennis is as part of a good coaching programme at a local tennis club, a local authority tennis centre, a club on a school site or in a local park. Some children will get the opportunity to play at school, but this will only really be a taster. It is very rare that children receive quality coaching with good supervision ratios at school, unless it has a regular after-school programme.

To find out where your nearest tennis clubs are go to the Lawn Tennis Association's website, You can enter your postcode and the site will give you the tennis clubs that are nearest to you.

Children under 10

If your child is under 10 years old they will more than likely join an Ariel Mini Tennis class. Ariel Mini Tennis is the same as tennis, but played on smaller courts, using shorter rackets and slower, softer (lower bouncing) balls. It is delivered in three levels: Red, Orange and Green. However, children as young as even three and four years old can start in Ariel Mini Tennis Tots classes, or kids can start in Red as young as five and progress through the levels.

Children up to eight who are beginners are likely to start in Red groups, while nine-year-old beginners are better to start in Orange. A ten-year-old beginner would benefit from starting in Orange although they might feel happier in Green with children of their own age.

The coach at the club will know the groups available and will be able to advise you where your child will fit in best. In all beginners’ classes the slower tennis balls are used to help the players learn good technique and serve, rally and score correctly from the first lesson.

To read more about Ariel Mini Tennis visit the official website.

Children 11 and over

At 11 years and older your child will be invited to join some form of beginners’ tennis class. This class might be called 'beginners’ tennis' or it may be something such as 'bronze tennis', the name will vary from club to club.

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